In a world of intense urbanization and heightened communication, shrinking isolation and remarkable challenges, Nyack will become a diverse, loving community, a network of academic and supportive programs and partnershipsto promote learning through action as well as ideas, service through leadership and innovation as well as charity, and God’s forgiving love as the source of human meaning and belonging.


Nyack University will be a community….





The University Council was created by Nyack’s President and Board of Trustees to support the College’s commitment to become a global university that seeks to “transform human relationships, heal the world, inspire lifelong learning and develop global leadership.”


The University Council is an extension of the Office of the College President. It exists to promote and help fund Nyack’s growth and service as an unprecedented community of Christian higher education.

Its members are appointed by the Council chair and President of the College for 3-year (renewable) terms.


Under the leadership of its Founding Chair, Mr. Jim Blankemeyer, the Council will fulfill its vision by

recruiting new Council members willing to be  ambassadors for Nyack College, embracing and promoting the vision, mission and culture of

Nyack College as it becomes Nyack University;


gathering periodically to hear reports, assess

Nyack’s sustainability and needs, consider opportunities for partnerships and growth, make recommendations and offer support for specific purposes within and/or impacting Nyack; and;


assuring constant and clear communication

between the Council, the College president, and

the chair of the College Board of Trustees who is

an ex officio member of the Council.



The University Council will convene for in-person meetings ordinarily three times annually, with additional meetings for electronic attendance at the call of the chair. When possible, meetings of the Council will coincide with Nyack special events and/or meetings of the Board of Trustees.


The Council may, in addition to offering advice and consultation to the College, serve as the “campaign cabinet” for capital or general fundraising efforts.


As appropriate, members of the Council will seek partnerships and support for the College by helping to create relationships with those who have not yet been fully introduced to Nyack. To assure that these relationships are enduring, ongoing development of such relationships will be done through the Office of the College President.



Founding Chair,

James C. Blankemeyer

Council Member,

Laura Sorrell

Council Member,

Scott Slocum