Cities and Mega-Cities.


Populations of 25 million-plus.

Home to 2/3rds of all human beings.



New York City.


America’s global city.

Host of the world’s governments, economy, culture. Inspiring people’s dreams everywhere.

Nyack College.


Its home: Manhattan.

Its character: Christian.

Its mission: Change the world.



Nyack University.


College becomes University.

3000 students from 60 nations, 80 faith traditions. Hungry for learning. Bound by love. Committed to serve.




The nations have gathered for learning in the heart of New York City where Nyack College, founded as a Missionary Training Institute in 1882, is today equipping graduates to change the world in the Twenty-First Century.


Nyack College will soon become Nyack University: celebrating its urban context, pursuing its passionate mission, continuing to model a community of great diversity.


The Nyack legacy is alive in New York City: thousands of students from 60 nations, 80 faith traditions, all hungry to learn, and a faculty and staff as diverse, and as eager, as the student body.


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